Here are our distinguished alumni who were influential in establishing Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur and took it to greater heights. They not only were instrumental in organising the first Entrepreneurship Summit in 2006 but also took the initiative of starting the Deferred Placement Programme (DPP) in IIT Kharagpur. IIT Kharagpur is the only college in India to have DPP after IIM Ahmedabad.

Meet some of our past members who were the life and soul of E-cell:


Dawn Thomas

Dawn was the founding convener of Entrepreneurship Cell at Kharagpur. After 5 years of anchoritic IIT Kharagpur and a short sabbatical, Dawn, a graduate of architecture, ended up in IIM Bangalore, where he is the secretary of the entrepreneurship cell. Besides entrepreneurship, he is interested in Rock climbing, Physics, Violin and Theatre. His current short term plans include wrapping up "Great Books of Western World" over the next 10 years and free soloing a 5.12 grade climb.


Alok Kothari

He was one of the founding members of E-Cell.  A graduate of Mathematics and Computing , he is now a derivative trader at Futures First Info Services Pvt Ltd.


Lokesh Anand

He was also one of the founding members of E-Cell. He is a graduate from Electrical Engineering Department of the 2009 batch. He is now at Procter & Gamble.


Mayur Rustagi

Mayur Rustagi, one of the founding members of Entrepreneurship Cell, graduated in 2009 from Department of Computer Science & Engineering is currently working in Adobe Systems.


Subhendu Panigrahi

He graduated in 2010 from the Agricultural & Food Engineering. He has taken the Deferred Placement Programme (DPP) and is working on his own start-up.


Anuj Gupta

He graduated  in 2010 from the Department of Chemistry. He has taken the DPP and is the Co-Founder of Orgone Energy Pvt. Ltd. and Founder & Managing Director at Lalaland.


Rashmit Ritam Das

He graduated in 2010 from the Department of Mathematics. He is currently working as Business Technology Analyst at Delloitte Consulting.


Asit Parija

He graduated in 2010 from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. He is currently placed at JP Morgan.


Vikram Bahure

He graduated in 2010 from the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences. He is currently pursuing MBA from NCR, Singapore.


Mayank Yadav

He graduated in 2010 from the Department of Agricultural & Food Engineering, currently working as Management Trainee at Amazan Agro Products Ltd.


Anirban Pal

Graduated in 2010 as a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering, Anirban is currently working as a research consultant at IIT Kharagpur.


Sankalan Prasad

He graduated in 2011 from the Department of Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering. He worked as Component Design Engineer at Intel for 2 years before joining IIM Bangalore.


Madhu Yalamarthi

He graduated in 2012 from the Department of Aerospace Engineering. He is currently working as an associate consultant at Dalberg Global Development Advisors.