For Alumni

Over the course of the last half-century, IIT Kharagpur has created a huge talent pool of illustrious alumni, who have established themselves in various fields that they have entered. This resource pool is the greatest wealth that IIT can provide to its students. Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur calls upon the alumni to help the student startups from their alma mater, in converting their nascent ideas into profitable ventures. They may do so by involving themselves in our various alumni programmes.

Why should you get involved?

IIT Kharagpur continues to be the cradle of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in India. Every year, this hot-spot continues to brew up many innovative new ideas, which have the potential of creating huge economic returns. Entrepreneurship Cell invites business ideas from students through its various Business Plan Competitions, and the Innovation Platform. Most of these plans, however, are received in a very crude form and need a lot of expert guidance and support before they can face the competitiveness of the business world. For this, we look up to the alumni, who have years of experience as students of the institute and hence, can act as the best mentors.

How can you help?

There are various ways in which you get involved.
(a) Mentoring: The B-plans we receive as entries need to be mentored and improved upon, before they can be established as profitable companies. You can act on the advisory board of the company and help with problems pertaining to your area of expertise.
(b) Angel Investing The most common problem faced by nascent startups is the lack of funds. Many potentially great ideas fizzle out each year due to the sheer lack of funds. You can act as an angel investor by providing seed capital to these startups. (Refer to Fund-a-KGPian initiative). You can otherwise provide token funding for projects under Innovation Platform.