For Corporates

E-Cell strives to bring about a paradigm shift. IITs need to produce the next wave of entrepreneurs who will take strides towards fulfilling visions of India in 2020, and we here at E-Cell look forward to providing the right ecosystem.

I. Sponsorship for events

Global Entrepreneurship Summit is one of the biggest platforms in India, for academicians, new-age entrepreneurs, eminent business personalities and the students to gather and share their entrepreneurial endeavors and experiences and to pledge to take entrepreneurship in India to greater scales. More than 1000 students from various colleges in India, 2000 students from IIT Kharagpur and eminent personalities from across the entrepreneurial spectrum of India will gather in Kharagpur to discuss and find solutions to problems plaguing India.

Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive is a massive nationwide initiative to promote entrepreneurship among today's youth. With a footfall of over 20,000, EAD is the largest entrepreneurship drive in India and has been commented upon by personalities such as Dr. Sashi Tharoor and Dr. D. Subba Rao, Governor, RBI.

We at E-Cell, preach only what we practice. Hence, we have stuck to our motto of "Dare to be different" when it comes to our sponsors too. The advantages we provide to our sponsors are very unique:

  1. Branding Apart from the conventional branding methods such as banners and posters, we offer certain innovative branding methods such as a presentation slot, video advertisement during the event and live blogging and tweeting.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility When associating with E-Cell, the money invested has a direct social impact, as most of the participants in our events look to start up on their own, and when they do so, they help in economic and hence, social development. Besides, entrepreneurship is one of the core development areas of Vision 2020.
  3. Employer Opportunities The main audience in our events includes not only college students but also young professionals. This results in very good employer opportunities.

II. Mentoring and Support

Entrepreneurship Cell is on the lookout for corporates who can mentor the Business Plan that qualify in our competitions and the scores of other startups that look to us for connecting them with the right mentors. They can act as angel investors or as help with the technical aspects. Either way, a good return on investment is to be expected as most of the startups incubated through us have gone on to win various awards and are flourishing in their respective industries.