The company produces a bio-fuel cell based product LOCUS (Localised Operation of Bio-Cells Using Sewage) which is able to reduce chemical oxygen demand in sewage water by about 60-80 per cent. Locus can along with sewage treatment systems can also generate electricity. It has been selected in Top 20 Innovations by MIT Technology Review Magazine.

Code Green

The carbon capture CODE is designed to remove CO2 directly from industrial utility/power plants and aims to achieve an enhanced efficiency of 97% of CO2 extraction as compared to 78% in present day technology. It also improvises the H2S (hydrogen sulphide) extractability to 92% compared to current extraction efficiency of 60% in an extremely cost effective manner.


MicroMed uses microfluidics technology for precise handling of liquid sample volumes as low as microlitre, in contrast to millilitres of sample required for analysis using traditional techniques. Automation of the whole process increases the efficiency, reduces cost and can be used in bio-diagnostic platforms. The technology can be implemented in all wet tests and as it is cost- effective.


Srapt is a smart and real-time platform that is location aware and intelligent. The platform is in the development stage and it can be used for much more then buying and selling things.

Azure Software Pvt. Limited

The company develops multifunctional packaged medical instruments for diagnosis. The company possesses expertise in Embedded Systems, Driver and firmware development. It has existing clients in USA, Japan, Germany and India. Azure is a highly technical group that is working in a challenging cutting edge technology.


The company develops Versatile Internet Recommendation Systems. It possess News centered personalized contents aggregated across various News sources, Blogs, Podcasts, Pics, RSS/Atom feeds. The organization has developed Private and public communities / discussion groups based on “News words” and provides community recommendations based on user’s interests and friends. The organization also provides personalized commerce recommendations on books, movies, music, auctions etc., based on user profile.

Ants Ceramics (P) Limited

The organization develops unique ceramic processes to create abrasion-resistant components. It is developed by a team of IIT engineers who are guided by IIT and IIM Ahmedabad professors and is supported by reputed industrial and business consultants from ceramic industries in India and abroad. ANTS Ceramics aims to offer products of uncompromising quality and become a Global Player in the area of advanced ceramics by constantly evolving technologies and products through market driven research

P2 Power Solutions (P) Limited

P2 Power creates products that enhance power quality, and thus reduce operating costs of industries. P2 products improve power efficiency and eliminate failures caused by compromised power quality. The first major breakthrough achieved by this company was when it installed three units of p2-STAT of 100 kVA each, at the printing presses of Dainik Jagran, the most renowned Hindi newspaper of India.


Intinno is an exciting new Web 2.0 start-up by four final year dual degree students of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. Intinno was born with the mission of providing a platform which extends the classroom experience beyond the threshold of the classroom into the all pervasive internet. Intinno's business focuses on developing applications using Data Mining and Information Retrieval techniques to harness the power of the web.

Cynq Network

The company works in the domain of social networking technology. It develops innovative software that cultivates new ways of interaction and communication among its customers, across the domains of corporate social networks as well as consumer-oriented vertical social networks. The specialized vertical social networks would be created for certain targeted domains like finance, healthcare, education and consumer forums.

Powersys Pvt. Ltd.

Deployment of the national grid requires software based optimization for efficient performance. Derivative software will also be developed for dynamic power management with respect to grid constants. The company gets approval from TIETS based on the proposal to form a Pvt. Ltd. company on June 22, 2007.

Xaneda Technolgies India Private Limited

Xaneda has a big business potential since it addresses a burning problem in a fast growing domain like Analog and Mixed-Signal IC design. At present Analog IC segment is growing at more than 10% per annum compared to the overall Semiconductor industry which is growing at a mere 3.2%. Analog IP market is growing much faster (around 39% p.a.). Moreover, Xaneda’s EDA product will enable a whole new business in Analog Mixed Signal Design Service area in India which is limited till date due to lack of man-power. 


The company is based onReconfigurable Autonomous Air vehicles. Prototype contains the autonomous reconfigurable air vehicle which can autonomously navigate a given terrain once fed with commands and is able to reconfigure the control in the case of failures to make it fly safe to complete the mission or return back home safely. The product boasts of being unique in reconfiguration feature in the world which will make it less accident prone which till now hinders their wide acceptance.

iViZ Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Penetration testing based internet Security Company, funded by Singapore and Canadian venture partners for $2 Million. The total sales in current quarter is 0.5 Crore. The company has been selected among Top 2 Security Startups in Asia and Top 6 in the world by London Business School, Homeland Security and Pentagon. Also it has been selected among world's top 8 innovative startups by Intel and UC Berkeley.

Data Resolve Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The Company has a product based on advanced data leakage prevention and detection technologies to stop Data Leakage in a corporate network. Being the only company having this technology in our country, it is expecting to capture a market estimated at 11 Billion USD for 2008-09. The company was founded by five IIT, Kharagpur graduates and is currently based at IIT, Kharagpur. Company has already been incubated by IIT, Kharagpur. In order to scale up its operation and R & D the company is looking after first round of investment.

Accuflex Biolab

This company is based for setting up of the recombinant antibody based immunodiagnostic research and development. The prototype is based on the diagnostic tests on the emerging infectious diseases that keep pace with the rate of evolution and their timely detection.


They develop products targeted towards rapidly growing Web 2.0 market. Taragana's application development services help you address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, architecting, designing and developing applications tailored to meet your unique business requirements. They deliver high-quality, flexible applications that are easy to maintain; modular to facilitate enhancements and are reliable, secure and easy to deploy.

Capillary Technologies

They are an IIT Kharagpur incubated company and will enable mobile phones help people better reach out to their clients. They provide fully mobile based card free loyalty programs for the retail partners, and enable them to help increase their sales, and improve customer relationships. Their products provide cost-effective, effective, means to engage with end consumers, get to know their taste, understand their buying behavior, and target effective communication so that they feel happy to come back to your stores.