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Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Kharagpur is one of the largest student run non-profit organization of India, which works for the sole motive of fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth of the nation.

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The Campus Ambassador Programme brings an opportunity for students all over India to be a part of Team Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur and act as a link between IIT Kharagpur and their own campus. The Campus Ambassadors will be responsible for managing the participation of more than 1.2 Lac students and 450 startups and the involvement of 160 corporate executives in the yearlong nationwide initiatives of E-Cell IIT Kharagpur.

Campus Ambassador program is the biggest stage for a student to get involved in committed networking and a learning curve of Entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem. The 2020-21 tenure has been conscientiously planned to give maximum exposure to the Campus Ambassadors aimed at enhancing their corporate personality and soft skills.


Certificate of Appreciation signed by Professor In Charge, E-Cell IIT Kharagpur after successful completion of tenure.

Invitation to GES 2021 and other initiatives of Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive (EAD) throughout the year.

Networking with the IIT Kharagpur Alumni Entrepreneurs and the investors of Local Startups Meet.

Networking with Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive (EAD) Guests and other Entrepreneurs and participation in closed networking sessions.

Highlighted as a Campus Ambassador on the official website of E-Cell IIT Kharagpur.

Lots of goodies to winners of competitions throughout the year.


Acting as a link between IIT Kharagpur and your own campus.

Circulating mails and messages across all the official groups of your college.

Interacting with Alumni Entrepreneurs of your college and inviting them to Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive (EAD) 2020 as one of the Guests.

Networking with local Startups and their Co-Founders.

Coordinating with the team of Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur for conducting Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive (EAD) 2020.

Publicising Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2021 in your college and network.

Ensuring participation from your respective colleges for the yearlong initiatives and competitions of E-Cell IIT Kharagpur.


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Sarthak Chauhan

Senior Manager, EAD/LSM Coordinator & Public Relations

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Senior Manager, Corporate and Media Relations & Public Relations

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